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Constant Speed Simplex System

Specifically designed as a compact, easy to install and maintain package for applications where sufficient main pressure is not available or elevation is a problem. Typical installations include residences, apartment buildings, condominiums and light commercial applications. The AquaBoost CS is available in both one and two pump packages. Simplex capacities range from 20 to 110 GPM at a boost of up to 55 psig. Duplex capacities are up to 220 GPM.

Pumps are close coupled with stainless steel casing and internals. All piping on the package is non-ferrous for use with potable water.  Pump motors are TEFC from 1 HP through 5 HP. The AquaBoost CS is factory assembled, wired and tested.  Electrical panel is UL listed, NEMA 1 enclosure with voltages ranging from 115/1/60, 230/1/60, 208/3/60, 230/3/60, 380/3/50, 460/3/60 and 575/3/60. The panel includes a control power transformer, Hand-Off-Auto switch(es), pilot light(s), and minimum run timer to prevent short cycling. The pump(s) will stop during periods of low demand and restart upon a drop in system pressure. 


  • Pressure control valves
  • Storage Tank
  • PRV
  • Low Suction Pressure Cutout

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