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Aboveground Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Water and septic/sewer rates are increasing annually, many areas see increases of 50-300% on their water bill. And just because you are paying for water does not mean you are paying for good water. Municipalities are constantly battling water quality standards, ground water contaminants and pollution. Rainwater is clean and pure, just ask your plants what they would prefer. Rainwater is good for plants because it is naturally soft water, free of salts and other minerals that hinder root growth.

With a Water Geek™ rainwater harvesting tank from Containment Solutions, you can catch as much rain as your roof will allow. Rainwater harvesting is an innovative approach anyone can use. A 500 gallon fiberglass tank can supply clean water throughout the year even during mandatory water restrictions for basic water consumption like flower beds or washing cars.

Water Geek rainwater harvesting tanks come in 2 premium paint colors (desert sand or forest green) but you can also order an unfinished tank and paint it with your choice of paint and color. If aesthetics were keeping you from purchasing a rainwater harvesting system, think again. Many customers paint Water Geek residential rainwater harvesting tanks with exterior house paint, perfectly matching the environment. Standard tank sizes range from 300 to 1,050 gallons but by connecting multiple units virtually any storage capacity can be reached.

Rainwater Harvesting:

  • is environmentally friendly
  • is beneficial for plants and gardening
  • prevents soil erosion by reducing rainfall runoff
  • saves money and reduces potable water usage
  • conserves energy from potable water processes
  • reduces the runoff and flood burden on cities/municipalities

Need more storage? Containment Solutions also offers vertical water tanks for large volume storage. These fiberglass tanks range in sizes from 1,250-20,000 gallons. Vertical water collection/holding tanks can be built to NSF 61 standards to store potable water.

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