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Torrium 2 Pressure Booster

American Tank Company offers economical, compact, booster systems driven by quiet, efficient, stainless steel pumps. The Davey Torrium® 2 control automatically adapts to changing conditions. The Davey Torrium® 2 pressure booster s is easy to install, needs very little adjustment, and has few maintenance issues. It's unique ability to respond to changing circumstances ensures a steady, reliable flow of water day after day, year after year.

Choose the right size for you based on the following general descriptions:

  • 20-30 is for smaller homes supplied by municipal supply or well system.
  • 20-40 is for average homes or long runs of plumbing from a gravity feed tank or incoming pressure below 20 psi.

The Torrium ® 2 controller has an in-built accumulator which will accommodate small leaks. In some applications, it may be appropriate to install a small pressure tank to offset short cycling. These applications include:

  • Long suction lines
  • Low flow appliances connected to the pump, such as evaporative air conditioners (humidifiers), ice makers, RO systems or slow filling toilet cisterns.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Low Flow Drip Irrigation

Call toll free today: 1-877-655-5100 to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable Booster System Specialists.

Part Number Product
Height Length List 
RB203-F ( WAS 3CR05-F) .5 HP Aqua Pro Flux Booster System - 115v $752.00 $752.00
RB303.5-F (WAS AR10-F) 1 HP Aqua Pro Flux Booster System -115v/35 GPM $954.00 $954.00
RB204-F ( WAS JCR10-F ) 1 HP Aqua Pro Flux Booster System - 220v $988.00 $988.00
RB207-P ( WAS PJ3015-CF ) 1.5 HP Aqua Pro Press Flow High Pressure System - 220v $1,733.00 $1,733.00
0532-100 Home Water Pressure Test Kit 10" 16" $133.71 $106.97
0532-105 Installation Kit-1 for BT20-30/14-30 115V (w/pressure) $262.69 $183.88
0532-110 Installation Kit-2 for BT20-30 115V (storage tank) $70.53 $56.42
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