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Double Wall Fuel Tanks


  • Fabricated, inspected and tested for leakage prior to shipment from the factory as completely assembled storage vessels. Normal and emergency venting are required to be in compliance with UL 142 Standards and are sold separately.
  • Finished with a "Safety Red" industrial enamel topcoat for outdoor exposure and are forklift accessible for transporting when empty. Tanks are for stationary use only.
  • Intended for installation and use in accordance with the Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code, NFPA 30; the Standard for
  • Installation of Oil Burning Equipment, NFPA 31; and the Automotive and Marine Service Station Code, NFPA 30A. These requirements cover steel atmospheric tanks intended for aboveground storage of noncorrosive, stable flammable and combustible liquids that have a specific gravity not exceeding that of water.
  • Secondary Containment Aboveground Tank for Flammable Liquids - A primary containment aboveground tank contained within a steel secondary containment shell forming an interstitial (annular) space, which is capable of being, monitored for leakage into the space from either the interior or exterior wall

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  1. VDW-120 (36" X 32" X 36"L) 388lbs
  2. VDW-240 (36" X 36" X 55"L) 615lbs
  3. VDW-360 (36" X 36" X 78"L) 792lbs
  4. VDW-480 (36" X 36" X 102"L) 1,236lbs
Part Number Product
Height Length List 
VDW-240 240 Gallon Double Wall Fuel Tank - UL Rated 39" 36" 51" $5,981.25 $4,485.94
VDW-360 360 Gallon Double Wall Fuel Tank - UL Rated 36" 36" 78" $7,988.75 $5,991.56
VDW-480 480 Gallon Double Wall Fuel Tank - UL Rated 36" 36" 102" $10,120.00 $7,590.00
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