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Rain Water Harvesting Tanks


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TP Series Polypropylene Pressure Tanks

The most respected name in the water systems business brings you the toughest, most dependable tanks. Tanks with features that give you the best buy in quality water systems. 


  • Horizontal Models: Feature a universal jet pump mounting bracket and two (2) bolt-on, corrosion-resistant, high density polypropylene feet for installations with limited headspace, such as under mobile homes.
  • Deep Drawn Steel Shells: provide maximum material strength.
  • Inner Shell: Prevents diaphragm from overexpanding.
  • Heavy Duty Diaphragm: Made of finest quality butyl rubber. Separates air and water, maintains air change.
  • Interior Tank Lining: Tank features a durable polypropylene interior liner. Meets FDA requirements.
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 125 PSI.
  • Temperature Rating: Maximum 120º F.
  • Stainless Steel System Connection: On all models.
  • Appliance Appearance Exterior Finish: Tan color, high durability exterior finish of tough, powder coat over a zinc phosphate surface treatment.
  • Tanks are designed for installation indoors or where they are protected from rain, irrigation overspray, salt air and other corrosive environments. Always protect tanks from freezing.
  • Heavy Duty Base: Eliminates corrosion due to condensation and exposure to the elements. Made of high density polypropylene.
  • Tanks have a 5-year limited warranty. See instruction manual for complete warranty details.

Call toll free today: 1-877-655-5100 to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable Goulds Diaphragm Pressure Tank Specialists.

Part Number Product
Height Length List 
TP6P CENTRIPRO TANK $104.00 $83.20
TP15P CENTRIPRO TANK $136.00 $108.80
TP25P CENTRIPRO TANK $219.00 $175.20
TP25H CENTRIPRO TANK $293.00 $234.40
TP45P CENTRIPRO TANK $309.00 $247.20
TP45 CENTRIPRO TANK $313.00 $250.40
TP45H CENTRIPRO TANK $341.00 $272.80
TP45B CENTRIPRO TANK $431.00 $344.80
TP60 CENTRIPRO TANK $395.00 $316.00
TP60H CENTRIPRO TANK $352.00 $281.60
TP60B CENTRIPRO TANK $468.00 $374.40
TP80 CENTRIPRO TANK $483.00 $386.40
TP80EX CENTRIPRO TANK $501.00 $400.80
TP100 CENTRIPRO TANK $606.00 $484.80
TP100S CENTRIPRO TANK $635.00 $508.00
TP140 CENTRIPRO TANK $732.00 $585.60
TP140B CENTRIPRO TANK $878.00 $702.40
TP200 CENTRIPRO TANK $823.00 $658.40
TP200B CENTRIPRO TANK $1,036.00 $828.80
TP250 CENTRIPRO TANK $1,002.00 $801.60
TP260 CENTRIPRO TANK $1,044.00 $835.20
TP350 CENTRIPRO TANK $1,526.00 $1,220.80
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