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T Series Diaphragm Pressure Tanks

Goulds T Series Diaphragm offers an epoxy coated lining for the discerning well system. 


  • Deep Drawn Steel Shells: provide maximum material strength.
  • Inner Shell: Prevents diaphragm from over-expanding.
  • Heavy Duty Diaphragm: Made of finest quality butyl rubber. Separates air and water, maintains air change.
  • Interior Tank Lining: Tank features a durable fusion bonded polymeric lining. Meets FDA requirements.
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 100 PSI.
  • Temperature Rating: Maximum 120º F.
  • Epoxy Coated System Connection: On all stand and in-line models.
  • Appliance Appearance Exterior Finish:Tan color, high durability exterior finish of tough, powder coat over a zinc phosphate surface treatment.
  • Tanks are designed for installation indoors or where they are protected from rain, irrigation overspray, salt air and other corrosive environments. Always protect tanks from freezing.
  • Heavy Duty High Density Polypropylene Base: Eliminates corrosion due to condensation and exposure to the elements.
  • Tanks have a 5-year limited warranty.

Call toll free today: 1-877-655-5100 to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable Goulds Diaphragm Pressure Tank Specialists.

D/W H L MFG Product
Retail Price Your Price
CENTRIPRO TANK T15P $129.00 $103.20
CENTRIPRO TANK T25P $208.00 $166.40
CENTRIPRO TANK T45 $290.00 $232.00
CENTRIPRO TANK T45P $274.00 $219.20
CENTRIPRO TANK T60 $368.00 $294.40
CENTRIPRO TANK T80 $462.00 $369.60
CENTRIPRO TANK 15" 47" T100 $580.00 $464.00
CENTRIPRO TANK T140 $693.00 $554.40
CENTRIPRO TANK T200 $803.00 $642.40
CENTRIPRO TANK T250 $947.00 $757.60
CENTRIPRO TANK T260 $1,032.00 $825.60
CENTRIPRO TANK T350 $1,588.34 $1,270.67
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