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Aquavar ABII (Aquaboost II)

Why AquaBoost?

For many customers of municipal water districts, low or inconsistent water pressure can be a problem when they have any combination of multiple bathrooms, irrigation systems, dishwashers, washing machines, pools, spas and even fire sprinkler systems. In addition, peak water demand on the line can reduce main line pressure available. Homes built on hills or at the end of the water line are very susceptible to this problem. AquaBoost solves all these problems. It provides the constant pressure you need for your water supply that will allow you to run many appliances at the same time, if you choose. 

How is it better than my current system?

The AquaBoost is connected to your plumbing after the water meter. A sensor compares the pressure in your pipes to the pressure you want. When your main line pressure drops below your need, the AquaBoost controller turns on the pump and varies its speed to give you just the right amount of water pressure; no matter what you or your neighbors have going on.

The AB2 variable speed pump controller and complete booster package kits, provide an economical answer for municipal water district customers with low water pressure. Both domestic and light commercial applications can benefit. As water use increases, the controller changes pump speed to maintain pressure. Large supply tanks are eliminated and less wear and tear on your pump and motor.

Think of it as “Cruise Control” for your pump! The AB2 is available with a range of flow rates to handle homes with up to four baths, irrigation, filtration and fire suppression systems. Light commercial applications up to 100 GPM at 45 PSI boost. The AB2 is available as either a separate controller or as part of a complete pump package with everything you need to plumb it to a domestic water line.

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Part Number Product
Height Length List 
1151AB2LB1035 4.2A 115V ABII CTRL W/LB1035 $1,559.00 $1,247.20
1AB2LB1035 4.2A AB II CONTRL. W/LB1035 $1,560.00 $1,248.00
1151AB21HM1E2D0 4.2A 115V ABII CTRL W/1HM1E2D0 $2,131.00 $1,704.80
1AB21HM1E2D0 4.2A AB II CONTRL. W/1HM1E2D0 17" 12" 28" $2,129.00 $1,703.20
1151AB22HM1E2D0 4.2A 115V ABII CTRL W/2HM1E2D0 $2,208.00 $1,766.40
1AB22HM1E2D0 4.2A AB II CONTRL. W/2HM1E2D0 $2,209.00 $1,767.20
2AB22HM1F2E0 6.9A AB II CONTRL. W/2HM1F2E0 $2,460.00 $1,968.00
2AB21MC1F2B2 6.9A AB II CONTRL. W/1MC1F2B2 $1,682.00 $1,345.60
2AB21MC1G2A2 6.9A AB II CONTRL. W/1MC1G2A2 $1,836.00 $1,468.80
2AB22MC1G2D2 AQUABOOST 80GPM SYSTEM $1,892.00 $1,513.60
3AB2LCB1H2D0 3HP 10.9A AQUABOOST 50GPM SYS $3,067.00 $2,453.60
5AB22MC1J2K2 AQUABOOST 100GPM SYSTEM $4,103.00 $3,282.40
5AB2LCC1J2D0 5HP 16.6A AQUABOOST II 70GPM $4,408.00 $3,526.40
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