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Aquavar Centrifugal Pump Controller

The Aquavar® CPC (Centrifugal Pump Controller) from Goulds Pumps incorporates the latest state-of-the-art Aquavar technology. The Aquavar CPC is a variable frequency drive and pump specific PLC in one compact unit, that will vary the speed of the motor to maintain a consistent pressure, flow, temperature or level. 

Features & Benefits

  • Start-up “wizards” expedite the programming process.
  • Removable control panel/display.
  • Fully backlit display with large text makes the control pad easy to read.
  • Transducer assembly (0-300 psi) included for constant pressure.
  • Protect the pump from cavitation, dead head and blocked suction.
  • Protect the motor from short circuit, phase loss, overload, undervoltage, and overvoltage.
  • Input choke reduces harmonics and provides 3-5% impedence line reactor.
  • EMC/RFI filters reduce drive noise emissions and interference.
  • Fieldbus compatible, standard Modbus® Protocol (SCADA).
  • Capable of controlling up to 3 fixed speed pumps, with one drive.
  • Multipump control for up to 4 pumps, without additional PLC’s or control panels.
  • Auto lead/lag and switching control built in.
  • Digital and analog control inputs.
  • Relay outputs for pump run, fault and other warnings.
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