Rain Water Harvesting Tanks


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Seconardy Contaminants


Metals, Iron and Manganese, which can stain laundry and bathroom fixtures as well as lending unpleasant taste and odor to water, can be removed through oxidation and filtration. The PW 9000 oxidizes and filters out these heavy metals.
Hydrogen Sulfide, which is identified by its sulphurous odor, can be controlled through oxidation and aeration. The PW 9000 rapidly oxidizes the sulfides in the water to sulfates, and keeps the water fresh through constant aeration, thus eliminating this offensive gas with  its rotten egg odor.
PH is the measurement of the acidity of your water. Somewhere between 6.8 and 8.5 is considered O.K. by the EPA. Waters outside these limits can be corrected by using chemical feeders. The PW 9000 will neutralize acidic water to the PH range between 7.3 to 7.8. Alkalinity is not affected.
Color, generally in the form of tannins, can be removed by ozonation, chlorination, reverse osmosis or carbon filtration.
The PW 9000will oxidize and thus remove tannins in the water.
Hardness in the form of dissolved calcium and magnesium can shorten the life of water heaters and does increase the amount of soaps and detergents used in normal cleansing tasks.  Hardness can be removed by the use of a water softener which substitutes sodium or potassium for these dissolved minerals.
The PW 9000 alters the molecular bonding capability of the hardness constituents so that the water acts softer and keeps the hard water deposits from strongly bonding to the surfaces. This is an additional benefit to the primary oxidation/filtration capabilities of the PW 9000.
Chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, sodium and other dissolved solids can all be removed by reverse osmosis or distillation.
The PW 9000 does not remove dissolved solids in this category.

Ozone Treatment System

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