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Shop Built Galvanized Steel Tanks w/Farbertite Coating

Shop Built Corrugated Galvanized Steel Tanks With "Farbertite Coating"

Fire Protection
Many County and State fire departments recommend corrugated steel tanks as economical alternatives to bolted or welded water tanks for fire protection storage.  American Tank Company can also provide all fire accessories required for your specific job.  Check with your local Fire Marshall for equipment and approvals.
Installation and Safety
When set on a contained gravel foundation ring installation is easy and affordable.  If anchoring to a concrete foundation is required or requested, American Tank Co. will provide a foundation design and submittal drawings with a California Civil Engineer`s wet stamp for building permits or customer approval.

Irrigation Water Storage                                                                                             
Vineyards, Farms and Ranches throughout the West rely on ATC Corrugated Galvanize Steel Tanks to maximize the efficiency of water well production and to control distribution and pumping cycles.

Placed on Site
A boom truck can set the tank directly on the gravel or concrete pad for easy and trouble free installation. (Some restrictions apply, ask your sales rep for details)

Warranty & Savings
Shop Built Corrugated tanks are backed by a one year manufacturer's warranty.  Tanks are engineered and  manufactured from corrugated hot dipped mill galvanized steel. These tanks are extremely cost effective when compared to bolted or welded steel tanks.

Shop Built Corrugated tanks are typically specified for storage requirements between 2,500 to 15,000 gallon capacities.

Farbertite is a Bituminous Ceramic Emulsion coating.  Applied to the interior of a tank, Farbertite bonds to the metal to form a water tight membrane to inhibit water contact with the steel.  This membrane prevents rust and insures the longest possible tank life.

Corrugated galvanized steel tanks have been manufactured in California for over 100 years.  The normal service life is 25-30 years based on historical observations.  With periodic maintenance, ATC tanks can provide 30 to 50 years of quality service.

- Riveted Joint Design per A.I.S.C.                                  
- Deck Supports and Live Loads per U.B.C.                    
- Prime Galvanized Steel per ASTM A527                       
Seam Sealant                                                              
- NSF Approved Urethane Polymer                                
Interior Tank Coating                                                 
- Farbertite is a Bituminous Ceramic Emulsion Coating applied to the floor and side walls   only. Interior roof coating available at additional charge.

Accessories Available
- Threaded (FNPT) Flanges
- 150# Steel Flanges
- Liquid Level Indicators
- Ladders
- Side Shell Manways
- Vents
- Gravel Rings
- Seismic Anchors



G-90 Prime Hot dipped galvanized carbon steel (1.25 oz. zinc/sq. ft.) ASTM A-527 Corrugations-2/3" pitch (o.c.) by 2/3" depth. Solid steel galvanized Tinners rivets (3/16" - 1/4" o.d.) ASTM-A525
RIVETS:    EPA accepted, FDA approved Urethane Polymer.

Interior and Exterior bottom - Ceramic bitumastic butylene emulsion (standard) Exterior seams - Aluminum based paint.  Other coating  systems available.

Joint design per A.I.S.C. Tanks over 5,000 gallons may be seismically designed per section 12 of AWWA D-103-87 or 1991 UBC chapter 23.

Depending on size and job location, certain tanks may require anchoring to concrete foundations. Tanks under 5,000 gallons are exempt from UBC regulations.



Published tank prices assume tank site is accessible by standard flat-bed  truck or  4-Wheel drive pick-up and flat-bed trailer.


Additional charges may be required for hand carrying of materials and equipment if vehicle access is not permissible.


ENGINEERING:   Allow 2-3 weeks for preparation of submittal.

Allow 10-12* weeks from date of order (or approval) for delivery of materials to job site. * Subject to change based on current backlog.

Allow 5-10 working days for completion of tank erection depending on weather and access conditions.

SHIPPING & HANDLING:    Please ask your sales representative for shipping & handling quote.

(Inlets, Outlets, Overflow, & Control Ports):

NPT Female Flanges: 1/2" thru 6"
125# NPT Companion Flanges:  1" thru 8"
150# RFSO Companion Flanges: 3" thru 12"

We manufacture or supply the following typical tank appurtenances: Gravel containment rings, Liquid level indicators, Sight gauges, Tank ladders, Tank vents, Hinged deck manways, Shell manways, Seismic anchors, Float valves, Gate valves, Fire department adapters, Fire protection equipment, Hydrants, etc.  See Accessory Price List for more information.

Price List does not include grading, foundations, tank appurtenances, applicable freight charges, hard access fees or State and Local  Sales Taxes.  Building permits if required, shall be obtained by owner or owners agent.

The following is a list of recently installed Corrugated Galvanized Water Storage Tanks*:




Mendocino Middle School Mendocino, CA 60,000 Gal.
USDA Forest Service Bass Lake Camp, CA 20,800 Gal.
Table Mountain Rancheria Friant, CA 67,900 Gal.
Santa Clara Parks and Rec. Morgan Hill, CA 10,000 Gal.
Cedar Smoke School Truckee, CA 101,350 Gal
Catholic Youth Organization Occidental, CA 101,350 Gal.
USDA Forest Service Oakhurst, CA 10,000 Gal.
Hidden Valley Foodmart Middletown, CA 31,000 Gal.
Silver Oak Cellars Geyserville, CA 30,500 Gal.
MCI Telecommunications Hayward, CA 22,750 Gal.
Thompson Orchard Hood River, CA 31,000 Gal.
Mission Springs Conference Center Scotts Valley, CA 67,900 Gal.
Agri-Cell, Inc. Delano, CA 15,000 Gal.
Agri-Cell, Inc. Delano, CA 10,000 Gal.
Bennett Ridge Mutual Water Company Santa Rosa, CA 51,000 Gal.
Grass Valley Assembly of God Grass Valley, CA 2 - 12,000 Gal.
Diamond Arrow Conference Center Nevada City, CA 67,900 Gal.
Sequoia Construction Whitehorn, CA 10,000 Gal.
Medite Corporation Medford, CA 10,650 Gal.
Kendall Jackson Winery Geyserville, CA 12,000 Gal.
Verde River R.R. Depot Clarksdale, CA 10,000 Gal.
Eagle Ridge Subdivision Show Low, CA 53,500 Gal.
City of Depoe Bay Depoe Bay, CA 10,000 Gal.

*Customer referrals available upon request only.

Important Customer Notice:
Foundation Requirements For Field Erected Storage Tanks

When installing your Gravel Ring Foundation, it is mandatory that ONLY 3/4" Crushed Rock be used.
Do Not Use Pea Gravel.

Failure to use 3/4" Crushed rock in your tanks foundation, will result in time delays and additional labor charges while our erection crew waits onsite for the proper rock to be installed.

Thank you,

American Tank Company, Inc.

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