Rain Water Harvesting Tanks


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New and Used Frac Tanks for Sale or Rent

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Specifications - Features - Advantages

  • All tanks are coated with Phenoline 309 epoxy
  • Contoured full drain bottoms
  • Smooth walls with no internal bracing for easy cleaning
  • Multiple valves (front and rear)
  • 8500 gal (roll-off capable) to 21,000 gal capacity
  • Liquid level gauges
  • 8" Manifolds (internal or internal)
  • OSHA approved
  • Integrated stairways with larger walkways and platforms
  • 22" and 24" manway hatches
  • "Fixed" axles for maximum maneuverability
  • 3" fill / feed lines
  • Safety harness clips for worker safety
  • Lifting eyes for difficult tank placement
  • ABS braking systems


  • Weirs (over and under) for liquid / sediment separation
  • Custom design for special projects or difficult applications
  • Steam Coils
  • Vapor secure
  • Flowback capability for equal disbursement
  • Open and closed top
  • Stackable (Intermodal) for easy transport or small footprints
  • 20 and 40 cubic yard Phase Separators (filter boxes)
  • A cost effective solution to remove sediment and solids
  • Roll-offs (10 - 40 cubic yards)
  • Vacuum bins
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