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Fire Tank & Hydrant Kits

Even a fire safe house may not be able to survive a wildfire without an emergency water supply. Without an on-site water source, firefighters have very little chance of protecting a threatened home or extinguishing a burning one.

Once you have established an emergency water supply, American Tank Company can help make sure firefighters have access to it. For any emergency water supply, the outlet valve must be easily accessible and clearly marked from the nearest road.

Local code requirements regarding specific outlet, valve design, and thread requirements as well as the minimum water supply capacity required can be obtained from your local building or fire department.

D/W H L MFG Product
Retail Price Your Price
2½" Fire Kit 0575-005 $764.00 $534.80
2½" Remote Fire Kit w/ 2½" Riser (Sonoma County) FIRE 0575-010 $1,757.18 $1,230.03
2½" Remote Fire Kit w/ 4"Riser 0575-015 $2,382.12 $1,667.48
4" Fire Kit 0575-020 $1,326.13 $928.29
4½" Fire Kit 0575-030 $1,563.39 $1,094.37
4½" Fire Kit (Alameda County) 20" 16" 20" 0575-032 $1,668.33 $1,167.83
4½" Remote Fire Kit w/ 4" Riser (Alameda County) 0575-037 $2,979.18 $2,085.43
4½" Remote Fire Kit w/ 4"Riser 0575-035 $2,874.20 $2,011.94
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