Safety Flex

Don’t let tank settling or seismic movement destroy your plumbing and cause a failure in your water system.

With an American Tank Company's Safety Flex Connector, you will have a permanent, flexible connection between your tank and your plumbing.

Helps guard against damage caused by settling, seismic movement, pump vibration, and poor piping alignment. Comes complete with tank shutoff ball valve (BV) & union disconnect. The Safety Flex Connectors with union check valves (UCV) are designed for applications when pumping out of the tank and the Safety Flex Connectors with plain unions are designed for gravity flow applications. Available in 1¼” or 2” size. Length of flexible pipe is 18” and total length of Safety Flex Connectors are 28" - 31" long. 

Part Number Product
Height Length List 
0560-002 1 1/4" x 18 w/Ball Valve and Union $214.68 $98.10
0560-001 1 1/4" x 18 w/Ball Valve and Union Check Valve $140.14 $98.10
0560-011 2" x 18 w/Ball Valve and Union $154.00 $154.00
0560-010 2" x 18 w/Ball Valve and Union Check Valve $154.00 $154.00
0560-030 3``x 30`` w/SxT PVC Male Adaptors $123.93 $123.93
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