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The tank repair kit pictured includes a specially formulated welding wire containing copolymers and adhesives. Wire may be used to effectively repair linear polyethylene. Easy to use and requires only 110 volt power.

Instructions for use:

1. Remove damaged item from cold and windy conditions. 
2. Preclean damaged area. 
3. Preheat welding gun for 15 minutes. 
4. V-grind out damaged area, 1/2 to 3/4 deep of the material thickness. 
5. Preheat damaged area to well above room temperature. 
6. Insert wire in preheat tube and allow wire to become clear/molten. 
7. Place tip on crack and slowly proceed with repair, gradually pushing wire through tube. 
8. Return to starting point and heat to a smooth glaze for proper bonding. 
9. For deeper grooves, a second pass may be necessary.

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The poly patch kit (not shown) is ideal for repairing pinholes, hairline cracks and holes up to 1/2" in diameter. This kit should NOT be used to repair a tank that is used for drinking water.  For best results, surface to be repaired should be above 32 degrees F. The kit consists of epoxy, a small brush to apply the epoxy, a small piece of sandpaper to "roughen" the area to be patched, a piece of mastic to temporarily fill the hole/crack and a piece of fiberglass.

Instructions for use:

1. Drain tank or rub the enclosed mastic in hole to temporarily stop leak. 
2. Sand area about 1" around hole, remove dust and wipe clean. 
3. Cut fiberglass cloth to cover sanded area. 
4. WARNING: Mix repair epoxy as follows - work quickly as mixed epoxy will start to harden in only 
        6-8 minutes.
        a. Firmly apply pressure to lower half of pouch to burst center seam.
        b. Mix contents thoroughly BUT NOT MORE THAN 2 MINUTES.
 Cut pouch open and apply 1/2 of epoxy mix over damaged area with enclosed brush. 
6. Place fiberglass reinforcing patch on epoxy and cover with remaining epoxy mix. Taper and              smooth edges. 
7. Wait at least 20 minutes or until patch is tack free before refilling tank.
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60221 Poly welding gun & rod Repair Kit - Norwesco $287.32 $186.76
61879 Poly welding rod 30Æ Repair Kit - Norwesco $61.71 $40.11
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