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Titan Boltless Teflon Fittings

Titan Boltless Teflon Fittings offer a wide range of uses due to its physical properties. Teflon is one of most widely known and easily recognized polymers of all time.  It is more commonly called PTFE, and while it doesnt' have the versitatility of Poly or PVC materials , its unique characteristics include chemical inertness, extremely low coefficient of friction and high heat resistance. This makes Teflon Fittings extremely useful in cold temperature environments and has opened it up to a multitude of uses.

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Titan Boltless Teflon Couplings are constructed to meet our exact standards for quality control. Our polypropylene series of fittings are precision machined to assure accuracy and quality in each fitting. Titan Boltless Teflon Couplings are machined from heavy duty bar stock for maximum chemical resistance, strength and quality.

Titan Boltless Manifold Teflon Series Fittings are also constructed in the same manner as our plastic threaded fittings. These new manifold series fittings are the top of the line products for tank fittings and can be used for agricultural, industrial chemicals as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Aerospace
  • Chemical Laboratories
  • Food Proccessing
  • Pharmacutical
  • Film Processing
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