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Sideport Pressure Vessel

When faced with situations where high sulfur content, methane, or other gases are present, and a settling time is necessary, American Tank Company presents the Wellmate SP Series Pressure Vessel for your needs.  Made of all NSF/ANSI-61 certified material, “SP” tanks contain no harmful traces of metal that could pass into your water. Our tanks are environmentally safe and 100% lead free. Designed as a direct replacement for galvanized steel and epoxy-lined steel tanks, SP series tanks can save you time and money.

Tanks are also available in 205 and 264 Gallons upon request.

Call toll free today: 1-800-655-9100 to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable Wellmate Pressure Tank Specialists.

Features & Benefits

  • Corrosion-proof composite construction:
    • One-piece, seamless inner shell molded of heavy gauge engineered polymer.
    • Outer shell is a composite of continuous fiberglass strands sealed with high-grade epoxy resin.
    • Sturdy molded polymeric base is corrosion and impact proof.
  • Greater drawdown – Curved bottom dome design increases drawdown and maximizes contact time.
  • UV protection – All SP tanks come with additional urethane coating for years of added protection.
  • Light weight minimizes labor cost; no need for heavy equipment.
  • No rust or corrosion means no maintenance.
  • Long lasting, durable finish.
D/W H L MFG Product
Retail Price Your Price
40 Gal (NSF) Wellmate Sideport Pressure Tank - 100psi 16" 57" 0490-110 $339.00 $288.15
80 Gal (NSF) Wellmate Sideport Pressure Tank - 100psi 21" 62" 0490-111 $533.00 $453.05
120 Gal (NSF) Wellmate Sideport Pressure Tank - 100psi 24" 73" 0490-112 $673.50 $572.48
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