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Centrifugal Gas Powered Pump

Subaru centrifugal pumps are ideally suited for clear water applications such as draining pools and ponds, irrigation sprinklers, providing emergency firefighting support, dewatering job sites, portable water transfer, and agricultural spraying.  The centrifugal pumps deliver liquid at uniform pressure without pulsations or shocks.  With only one easy-to-replace seal, the Subaru centrifugal pumps are among the easiest to maintain, and require no lubrication of gears, pistons, or diaphragms.  This simple, compact, and economical design makes them ideal for any general application purpose. Each pump is powered by the industry leading Subaru 4 cycle engine ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

 Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight Die-Cast Aluminum Pump Housing
  • Spherodial Graphite Cast-Iron Volute
  • Wear-Resistant, Heavy-Duty Cast-Iron Impeller
  • Premium Silicon-Carbide Mechanical Seal
  • Steel Tubular Wraparound Frame
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Part Number Product
Height Length List 
PKV110 1 inch Gas Centrifugal Pump 8" 13" 13" $364.00 $364.00
PKX210 2 inch Gas Centrifugal Pump 14" 16" 18" $449.00 $449.00
PKX310 3 inch Gas Centrifugal Pump 15" 18" 20" $496.00 $496.00
PKX401 4 inch Gas Centrifugal Pump 18" 25" 26" $1,100.00 $1,110.00
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