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Diesel Powered Pumps

Subaru Diesel Trash pumps are built to withstand large amounts of solids and debris, and offer excellent performance in all types of water from clear, sandy, muddy, and high solid content liquids.  Deep impeller vanes and a large volute discharge allow suspended sticks, stones, and debris to pass through without clogging or harming the pump.  These pumps are user friendly and self-priming and remain durable under the harshest conditions.  Whatever your application if there is a concern for larger debris the Subaru Diesel Trash Pump is the right pump for the job.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight Die-Cast Aluminum Pump Housing
  • Spherodial Graphite Cast-Iron Volute
  • Easily Replaceable Wear Plate
  • Wear-Resistant, High-Chrome Cast-Iron Impeller
  • Self-Lubricating Silicon-Carbide Mechanical Seal
  • Steel Tubular Wraparound Frame
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Part Number Product
Height Length List 
PTD310T 3 inch Diesel Trash Pump 19" 24" 27" $3,213.00 $3,213.00
PTD410T 4 inch Diesel Trash Pump 19" 26" 27" $4,141.00 $4,141.00
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