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Diesel Generators

Subaru’s Industrial Diesel Generators are designed for exceptional performance in the most rigorous of applications. When diesel is the fuel of choice, Subaru offers two portable generator models to choose from. Rugged steel wrap frame protects the generator in the most demanding applications.  An extensive control panel with numerous standard features are equipped on both models.  Subaru equips their portable generators with many features including GFCI receptacles, low oil shutdown, high surge capacity and many more.   Featuring their many varied sizes and a 3 phase 13,000 watt generator, Subaru portable Diesel Generators have become the top choice among professionals for every project.

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Part Number Product
Height Length List 
RGD3300H 3300 watt Industrial Generator (Diesel Powered) 20" 23" 31" $3,399.00
RGD5000H 5000 watt industrial Generator (Diesel Powered) 20" 23" 31" $3,929.00
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