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Inverter - Silent Generator

Subaru combines durability with their state-of-the-art inverter technology to bring you on the quietest and most efficient generators on the planet.  There are three models ranging from 1650 watts to 4300 watts giving you the variety to power anything from sensitive tools to job site applications.  The Subaru Auto-Power System adjusts the engine speed to meet your power requirements, which allows for greater fuel efficiency than other competitive models.  The Subaru inverter technology produces a clean sine wave providing a safe alternative for sensitive electronics.   The larger models come with wheels and a large three layer steel fuel tank for an easy to transport usage and longer run time.

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Part Number Product
Height Length List 
R1700I 1650 Watt Silent Inverter Generator 12" 18" 19" $1,141.00 $1,141.00
RG3200iS 3200 Watt Silent Inverter Generator 22" 29" 23" $2,446.00 $2,446.00
RG4300iS 4300 watt Silent Inverter Generator 21" 24" 23" $3,217.00 $3,217.00
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